Why do you need to get EHIC card and replace your old E111?

In the past, the E111 form was the only proven way to ascertain your status as a European citizenship across the European Economic Area (EEA) and more importantly, affirm your right to receive extended necessary medical benefits across Britain, Switzerland and the European Union. But with E111 reconstitution to the European Health Insurance (EHIC), many people are still asking themselves, what is the need to replace my E111 card with the EHIC card? Here are some of the reasons why you should do it.

E111 Expired

E111 form expired from use at the close of 2015. If you’re therefore still in possession of the form for use in the near future, then you should know that you won’t be able to use and enjoy its full benefits of free or subsidized medical service across the EU states. To be safe, simply upgrade it to the EHIC card which is the new approved medical insurance card for all EU Britain and Switzerland members.

Individualized Medical Cover

In the past, the E111 forms used to include details of the applicant including individuals in the family who are covered by it. But the new EHIC renew card allows each member to have his own application process and thus his own EHIC card making it possible for them to get medical care from whichever country they are in and without having to request for the E111 form from the one who possesses it.

Frequent reminders of EIC Expiry Date

The EHIC card is benefiting a lot of EU citizens through its registration process as you can now be able to get notifications on the expiry date of your card, thus renew it and rip the full benefits when you go on your next trip. This is contrary to the E111 form whereby once filled, you would not get subsequent reminders to renew it.

Medical Bill Processing

Today’s technology has also simplified the way EEA members process their medical bills. In the past you had to present your E111 form which had to go through numerous verification processes to be accepted. But nowadays by just handing in your EHIC card, your medical bills are processed much faster.

Additional Benefits of EHIC Card

Better Comprehensive care: The EHIC card was introduced in June 2014 to replace the old E111 form so as to combine healthcare services and provide better medical services to EEA members. This is a stark difference from the past where most EU citizens had a hard time accessing medical services when visiting fellow European Economy Areas. Now you can do so and receive treatment similar to a parent citizen.

For those planning to go on a business or tour to Faroe Island or Greenland, you will be surprised to know that you can be able to use your EHIC card while over there. That is because of the extended agreements made by the various governments to allow use of this medical insurance service.


There are a lot of changes and benefits you can get from replacing your E111 form with the EHIC card. Among the Benefits are: Comprehensive medical care, frequent reminders of your EHIC expiry Date, Individualized Medical Cover and faster medical bill processing.

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